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Something is not grindable? Well, with enough skatewax it will be. We offer different variations of skatewax from different companies like MOB Skateboards, Almost or Diamond for your enjoyment! Just add some wax to the curb or rail, try some grinds and rock your spot. Thanks to skatewax.

Brand information Element Online Shop

Wind, water, fire and earth are the four elements that picture the label most likely. After some initial difficulties with the 1992 founded collaboration Underworld Element Skateboards, Schillereff decided to drop of the name „Underworld“ - Element Skateboards was born. Like the iconic tree logo, Element reached out to the highest branches of the skateboard universe. With fancy deck designs, a functional bag range and a tone of high quality street wear items like zip-hoodies, shirts and jackets for boys and girls, Element continues to be a successful brand besides just skateboarding. A success that is also reflected in their pro team. Legends like Bam Margera, Mark Appleyard and Chad Muska wear the styles of the southern Californian label.

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