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The Globe Stubby Complete Longboard is a classical cruiser shaped board for any urban mission. The 10" wide platform gives you lots of space for your feet, what makes cruising very comfortable. Due to the wheelwells the chance of getting wheelbites is minimized.

With 10" Slant trucks, 1/8" risers and the Globe Classic Cruiser 65 mm 83A wheels you´ll get a board which is best for transporting you through the city and far beyond.

specifications of the deck:

length: 76,2cm

width: 25,4 cm

wheelbase: 41,9 cm

construction: 7-ply maple
flex: stiff
concave: low

trucks: Slant 10"
wheels: Globe Classic Cruiser 65 mm 83A

bearings: Globe ABEC 7
hardware: 1/8" riserpads
griptape: clear

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