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Sabre 190mm 45° Truck mit R-Type Bushing Setup (silver)

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Product no.: 35402

There´s a new star at the longboard-truck firmament. With their debuting truck the dudes of Sabre are creating a furor, because with Sabre 190mm truck they´re offering a truck which can easily compete with the famous allround-truck manufacturers aka Randal and Paris. This truck with a hanger width of 190mm and a 45° baseplate truly is that what could be defined as an "allround-longboarding truck”. No matter if you want to use it in cruising, carving or for higher speeds – this truck just brings it. With the inhouse produced double barrel R-Type bushing with a Durometer of 93 A they used bushings, which fit best to allround-longboarding – stable, predictable and agile. Besides this one is a real lightweight with oldschool and newschool boreholes! Sabre!

hanger width: 190 mm
height: 65 mm
angle: 45°
weight: 451g
bushings: Sabre R-Type 93A (Double-Barrel)
axle: 8mm
bore-hole pattern: Old-School & New-School

Attention: This product is one truck only.

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