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Paris 180mm Truck (silver)

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Product no.: 13203
Paris trucks are the new standard in longboarding trucks and made a real competition to Randal trucks. The goal of Paris was to combine perfect turning, good look and long life in one truck, what they definitely made! With the Paris 180mm Truck, you´ll get a perfect allround truck which is especially pretty good for carving and cruising. The lifelong guarantee and the fact that Adam Colton himself swears on these trucks, show that these trucks are a class of its own!

hanger width: 180 mm
height: 77 mm
angle: 50°
weight: 450g
bushings: Divine Cone-Barrel 90A
axle: 8 mm
bore-hole pattern: old-school & new-school

Attention: This product is only one single truck.

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