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Clan Skateboards Full Colors 7.75" Deck (green black)

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In the last few years the importance and popularity of European skateboard brands on the market is growing. As the latest member of the independent European skateboard community the Basque Clan Skateboards are presenting themselves. This company was founded to produce high quality products, which are developed and tested by pro skaters like Alain Goikoetxea Manuel, Palacios Florentin Marfaing, Danny Wainwright, and Alex Carolino. The Clan Skateboards Colors 7.75” Deck shows, that the Basque know how to deal with seven ply hardrock maple. A decent but colorful design in connection with a nice portion of pop and concave make a first class deck. Go for Europe!

size: 7.75" x 31"

concave: medium concave

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