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Bear Grizzly Precision CNC 181mm 45° Truck 2er Pack (black)

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The Bear Grizzly Precision CNC 181mm 45° Trucks are the highest quality trucks available by Bear. Their house engineers and professional team of riders have spent several years testing and tweaking these trucks in an effort to make them the best precision trucks on the market. Every angle and feature of the truck has been refined and perfected.

The trucks are cut using CNC machines as opposed to being cast in a mold. This results in a incredibly precise, smooth truck. The Precision Grizzlies use a much higher quality metal than you would find in your typical longboard truck. This keeps them strong and light. The axles and kingpin are made of Aerospace grade titanium, to further reinforce the strength where it counts.

- burly design - overdesigned thickness in places that matter like the hanger beam between the axles and rear support legs on the baseplate giving the trucks more strength than they need... Just in case!
- aerospace grade components - the titanium axles and kingpin are twice as strong as stainless parts and half the weight of steel
- heat shrunk interference fit axles - permanent bond between the axle and hanger, very strong and no play between the parts
- Pro Team inspired bushing seat - riders and design team all sat down in a room and discussed their dream bushing seat, coming up with a fully wrapped, variable lean system which provides no restriction to turning but gives the needed support for high speeds, it's compatible with just about all bushings on the market
- pivot cup pop-out - allows you to switch up pivot cups for customized dive, offered by Bear are multiple durometer pivot cups, not something often seen with trucks.

This truck features a 10 mm axle. Due to that you´ll need special 10 mm bearings and spacers.

hanger width: 181 mm
total width: 246 mm
height: 75 mm
angle: 45°
weight: 410g
bushings: Bear Barrel Bushings by Jim Z 82.5A
boreholes: old-school & new-school

Attention: Due to packing this article is sold in a pack of 2 only!

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