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Ship ahoy sea pals! Collaborations in-between the skatescene are becoming more and more popular in recent years. With this product we've got a special goodie for you in store now – the Globe Sea Pals x Neff Cruiser Longboard. Crazy designs by Neff are nothing special but a board designed by Neff really is. So if you're looking for a small cruiser board to get around town and the boardwalk with an assured sense of style, you finally found what you wished for. The short wheelbase in combination with the Slant Slant 5.25" Trucks and angled riserpads guarantee for a nice turning ability. Due to the small kicktail also tricks are possible. So show your relatedness to the sea and style and get this limited edition Globe Cruiserboard!

specifications of the deck:
- length: 79.37 cm (31.25")
- width: 23.65 cm (9.3125")
- wheelbase: 48 cm
- construction: seven plies of maple
- concave: low
- flex: stiff
- mounting: top-mount

- trucks: Slant 5.25"
- wheels: Globe Conical 62mm 83A
- bearings: Globe ABEC 7 Precision
- hardware: 5° angled riserpads, Philips bolt pack
- griptape: clear with graphic

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