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Cleptomanicx Cate Zockdollar Bag reversible women (beryl green)

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Two bags in one! This is the Cleptomanicx Cate Zockdollar Reversible Bag. It's your decision whether you want to wear the nice green side with a Clepto seagull flag or rather the black and white crazy pattern! Anyway, this bag features a spacious main case which is closable with a button. Furthermore, each side features a smaller pocket which also has a button. The compulsory Clepto seagulls are imprinted on all the buttons and therefore put the final touches to this bag. Cate Zockdollar loves you - and you will love Cate, too!

31 x 36 x 14 cm

100% cotton

Attention: We ship this item to Germany, Austria and Switzerland only.

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