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As the Loaded/Orangatang crew collectively began to dabble in new directions in sliding, they found themselves in want of a new and unique wheel. The Orangatang Balut 72.5mm 80A Wheels are the result of a desire to investigate the other end of the grip-slip spectrum: a freestyle slide wheel that allows for longer drifts and quicker, more numerous rotations with minimal speed loss. The Baluts are centerset and symmetrical, allowing maximum flexibility when rotating and flipping. By using a larger spoked core and removing significant amounts of urethane between the bearing seat and outer edge of the core, they were able to reduce the overall wheel weight for increased agility in slides and freestyle tricks alike. Slide all day long!

Attention: The Balut wheels have the new black core - not the blue core any more - the product picture will be updated as soon as possible!

height: 72.5 mm

contact patch: 35 mm

durometer: 80A

hub: centerset

lip: rounded

You´ll need 10 mm wide spacers for these wheels.

Attention: Due to packing this product is only sold in a pack of four!

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