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The Sea No Evil Pintail skateboard humpback whale design by Sector 9 features custom artwork created by Monster Media for the annual Sea No Evil Art Show in Riverside, CA, to benefit Sea Shepherd and to preserve and protect the oceans of the world. The Sector 9 Sea No Evil - Sea Shepherd Serie 9" x 38" Completet-Longboard is great for fast cruising sessions and asphalt surfing. The medium amount of flex really feels great while it provides for a smooth ride and buttery turns. The short kicktail supports you while skating tight spots and to rise up the nose to get over curbs. Of course, also manuals are possible. It features also wheelwells to avoid wheelbites. Thanks to the camber and concave, you'll feel safe and agile at all times! 50° Gullwing Charger trucks were installed to provide stability and a good turning ability. With the Nineballs wheels you'll get nice allrounders. Hang loose!

specifications of the deck:

length: 96,52 cm (38")
width: 22,86 cm (9")
wheelbase: 74 cm
construction: 7-ply maple, camber, concave
flex: medium
concave: medium (bowl)
truck mounting: topmount


trucks: Gullwing Charger (hanger width: 180 mm, pivot angle: 50
wheels: Sector 9 Nineballs 65 mm 75a (centerset hub, rounded lip)
bearings: Sector 9 Greaseballs ABEC 5
hardware: Sector 1.5” risers
griptape: black grip with Sector 9 logo
Attention: This complete board features silver trucks!

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