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Looking for longboard trucks? Our longboard online shop offers you numerous RKP trucks (reverse kingpin or inverted ) and TKP trucks (traditional kingpin or standard), in various widths, with and without rake, as well as for various disciplines such as downhill, freeride, slalom, cruising and dancing. You can choose between trucks of different well-known manufacturers such as classics from Randal, Paris, Tracker, Independent, Bennett and Gullwing and other ambitious brands such as Bear, Caliber, Holey, Crail, Sabre, Original Skateboards, Gunmetal and Bolzen. To adjust the trucks to your weight and your specific needs you should also visit our bushing shop. In our equipment category you’ll find shockpads, angled pads (wedges) or riser pads and various other attachments such as flat washer or cup washer that will help you fine tune your setup.