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Longboard wheels are made from polyurethane, or short urethane and are discussed ever since. Besides diameter (52mm-80mm), durometer (73A-100A), form (angular or rounded lip) and the different ways to mount your wheels (hub), your favored discipline decides the most which wheel fits your setup.

Grip wheels

Grip wheels are used for downhill and slalom as well as cruising, dancing and LDP (long distance pumping or long distance pushing) and have a sharp and straight or tapered angular lip which give you more side support in curves.

Slide wheels

Contrary to that, slide wheels, which are used in freeride or tech-sliding, have a rounded lip for a slim running surface which smoothens your way into slides and drifts. You call this phenomenon the hook-up and release of a wheel.

The wheel for your needs - Longboard wheels at skatedeluxe

In our shop you find a grand selection of different wheels of international and leading brands like Hawgs, ABEC 11, Cult, These, Long Island, Remember, Metro Wheels and Arbor. There definitely is a wheel beneath them that fits your setup. The Orangatang Durian 75mm 80A or the Cult Chronicle 65mm 78A are power-sellers that await you. For the placement of your bearings, you can choose between centerset-, sideset- or offset-hub wheels. The wheel-durometer or form of the lip is further criteria for your choice. Take your time and use the filter option to find the wheel for your needs.

If you need further information about longboard wheels, please feel free to check by at our longboard-wiki.