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A longboard is kind of a longer skateboard and was first developed by surfers who wanted to experience the surf feeling not only in the water but also on the streets. After the initial boom and the subsequent stagnation the longboard sport is back on the rise and is becoming increasingly popular among young and old for a few years now. No wonder! Longboarding offers a niche for almost everyone through its versatile variations such as cruising, dancing, slalom, carving, sliding, freeriding or downhill. So longboards can be used as simple means of transport or as ambitious sports equipment – there are countless possibilities. In our longboard shop you’ll find a wide range of products for longboarding. You can choose a complete longboard as well as a cruiser or you put together a customized longboard from a longboard deck with the proper setup (longboard trucks, longboard wheels and longboard griptape). Likewise you can choose between different longboard brands such as Loaded, Landyachtz, Sector 9, Globe, Long Island , Arbor etc., several longboard shapes such as pintail, full shape, cut-out or drop-through shape as well as different flex levels to find the right board for your specific needs and conditions of use. In the equipment section you’ll find bearings, bushings, bolt packs, shockpads, angled pads (wedges) or riser pads and various other attachments such as flat washers, cup washers or spacers that help you complete and refine your setup.

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The Masterminds behind the Californian based longboard brand Loaded are mostly known for their agile and controllable complete boards. Popular designs are the Loaded Dervish and the Loaded Tan Tien. The company also focuses on longboard equipments such as decks, sliding cloves, bearings. Under the sub-brand Orangatang, Loaded also produces wheels. Fully equipped you're good to go on ride in the city or along the serpentine. And by the way, in the theory of Taoism “Tan Tien” means energy, vitality and animating spirit. So, it's for sure that good karma rides with every Loaded board.