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The surf brand Roxy was founded in 1989 as a branch of the action sports label Quiksilver. Inspired by the beach, the water and the whole surf culture, Roxy designs streetwear, shoes and surf clothing for women and girls. In the mainly male-dominated action sports scene, it was always important to appear confident and ambitious - a concept that the American Label presents like no other. In addition to their boardshorts and swimsuits, Roxy supplies you with creative and colorful designed shoes, casually cut sandals and stylish sneakers. Whether you wear light Roxy Connect Dye Shoes for summer or lined Roxy July boots in winter, with Roxy you're dressed perfectly from head to toe.

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Since the beginning of Roxy in 1989, the Quiksilver brand stands for fun, liveliness, natural beauty and self-convidence. Uniting the surf sport and their colorful lifestyle, Roxy is now one of the world’s most famous brands, when it comes to female surf, skate and snow wear. But there is more! Far away from big waves and snowcapped mountains, the Californian label is frequently found in fashionistas wardrobes, too. Since the early 90s the significant heart-shaped logo is not only the trademark of Roxy, it is also a reflection of their intention, to offer you everything that’s near and dear to you. From boardshorts to colorful outerwear to accessories and even snowboards, you can find every little piece you need to complete your lookbook!