DC Skateboard shoes and Sneakers

DC Shoes for women

Today DC Shoes is one of the world's most successful skate shoe brand, but in fact founder and former rally driver Ken Block only wanted to design his own T-shirts. Under the name "Eightball" the 22 -year-old ambitious snowboarder printed almost everything that fell into his hands from tees to custom hoodies. When he began his studies at the University of San Marcos in California, he met the skateboarder Damon Way. One thing led to another and both extreme sportsmen founded the American label DC Shoes in 1993. Because of the combined power of creativity and know-how of the two schoolmates, DC quickly grew into one of the leading manufacturers of the skate scene and creates a whole new feeling while rolling due to sturdy but stylish skater shoes. Lined skate shoes like the DC Aura LE Shoe or the DC Rebound High LE Shoe keep your feet just as warm as cuddly snow boots.