HUF Skateboard shoes and Sneakers

Huf Shoes men

Born and raised in New York City, HUF founder and namesake Keith Hufnagel made his way to San Francisco in the early 90s in order to follow his passion, the pursue of skateboarding. The young Yankee quickly developed to a successful pro skater, with a good eye for style and individuality. After Hufnagel had exploited the advantages of a professional skateboarder, he decided to open his first HUF store in the streets of San Francisco where he especially wanted to provide skate stuff that was not readily available to date. In no time, not only the store became a mecca for many skaters, but also the brand developed due to its high quality clothes, accessories and shoes. Especially the latter stand out again and again. Rock-solid, clean designs with all sorts of clever features not only convince the team riders of HUF, of which some could also release their own signature models like Joey Pepper’s HUF Pepper Pro Shoe.