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Skatedeluxe offers a wide range of choice if you are in search of a new T-shirt. You find products for boys and men in every popular size and brands like Volcom, Iriedaily, Burton, Forvert, Emerica, Vans, Hurley, Nike, Billabong and Independent. We sell classic and casual T-shirts made of cotton or polyester with a round neck or V-neck in different colors and patterns. Many T-shirts are adorned with a logo print of different brands or with a lettering, patch, flag, pocket, button facing or stitch. Quality meets style!

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In 2000, pro-skater Andrew Reynolds leaves Birdhouse Skteboards, because of the dismatch between him and the Birdhouse philosophy. Baker Skateboards emerged by the cooperation of Reynolds and creative founder Jay Strickland. Its main products are skateboard decks and wheels. The apparel and skateboard designs handle anti-establishment social viewpoints. The 2010 Pro Team consists of Andrew Reynolds, Dustin Doll, Jeff Lenoce, Kevin Long, Bryan Herman and Terry Kennedy.