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Longboard wheels are made of urethane (shortened form of polyurethane) and have been discussed a lot, because not least because their qualities can determine the results of a downhill race. There are wheels with various diameters, widths, hubs, lips and different degrees of hardness, whereby the hardness is specified in durometer type A. Generally, we distinguish between grip wheels and slide wheels. Grip wheels are used for downhill skating and slalom but also for cruisers and LDP (long distance pumping or long distance pushing) and have a sharp, straight or sloped and edged lip that gives more support in curves. On the other hand, slide wheels, which are mostly used for freeriding or tech sliding, have a rounded lip and often a narrower contact patch to make the transition in and out of the slide or the drift softer. This can also be called the hook-up and release of the wheel. In our longboard wheel shop you will find a large selection of wheels in different shapes for various fields such as tech slide, slalom, carving, cruising and dancing as well as freeriding and downhill. They are produced by international leading brands like Landyachtz Hawgs, Sector 9, Cult, ABEC11, Orangatang, Rayne, RAD and Metro Wheels. You can choose whether the longboard wheel should have a centerset, sideset or offset hub, your favorite durometer and how the shape of the lip should look like. Choose the kind of wheel that suits your specific needs.