Independent – pure skateboarding and streetwear styles

Old School styles are hyped as never before. Why not? Brands like Independent did a lot for skateboarding and they deserve the love and demand. Here we go with the latest Indy range! Old school brands and classics like Vans, and Converse are hot as always and more popular than ever. Not just the skateboarding [...]


TOP 5 Deck Designs April

New month, new sessions, and a nice day with your best friends – Do you need anything more? Maybe you are interested in our TOP 5 deck designs of April? You can have it! Check out my favorites from Girl, Antiz, 5Boro, Santa Cruz, and Radio. There’s a wide range of new and beautiful skateboard [...]


Transfer spectacle – Eric Koston on WKND Skateboards!?

WKND skateboards announced first pro boards and to the surprise of all, it’s nobody less than Eric Koston. Don’t you believe me? Guess what, it’s real! Just take a look at his 5 pro boards and the welcome clip! The surprise madly succeeded! I still can’t quite believe that, but it’s always the unexpected that [...]