Top 5: The best skateboard wheel brands of 2015

A short while ago we presented you the ‘Top 15 Skateboard Deck’ and ‘Top 5 Skateboard Truck brands of 2015’. Everyone knows that there is something important missing to complete a good setup. To start rolling you need some wheels. Because of that we present you the Top 5 Skateboard Wheel brands of last year. [...]


Top 5: The best skateboard truck brands of 2015

Not too long ago, we introduced you to the ‘Top 15 Skateboard Deck brands of 2015’. Since you seemed to like this one, and due to the fact that we have been asked for the best skateboard trucks as well, we are happy to present you the Top 5 Skateboard Truck Brands of last year! [...]


éS footwear is celebrating it’s comeback

éStimated time of arrival? It’s been quiet around éS! While in the past a whole scene traded the brand as the most valuable player in the game, there was a sudden, and somehow unexpected cut to silence for the company from California. 2016 is going to change that. It’s the year of the legend’s comeback. [...]