Ben Dillinger Setup

For skateboarders, the personal setup is something really special. It’s your everyday weapon, your love and your brother in arms at the same time. Every skater prefers different hardware and chooses individual components because everyone has a different taste. What are the favourites of our team riders? Let’s take a closer look at Ben Dillinger’s [...]


Clips Of The Week – #21

Are you searching for the best video and clip releases of the week? We have good news for you: Your search has come to an end! In this section, you find the best clips and parts of the 21th week of 2016. So peel your eyes and enjoy! Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday [...]


Raw, honest and without any fuss – Thrasher GX1000 – Limited Edition

The Thrasher GX1000 limited edition is here! Nostalgists, retro fans, fisheye lovers and high-rise opponents might feel an upcoming tickling sense right in the lumbar area. That’s because this new collection exudes pure, raw and honest skateboarding, without any blur, usage of After Effects or a 4K resolution. Matching streetwear included! These days, where everything [...]