Travel Refreshed – the Herschel x Coca-Cola Collection

Right in time for spring 2016 the Herschel Supply Company took a deep dive into the vintage glass bottle and releases an exclusive bag collection along with soft drink giant Coca-Cola. We say “bye bye Google Translator” and give it up for the Herschel x Coca-Cola Collection! A Herschel backpack on your shoulders and an [...]


“Please, please respect your health!”: Footprint Insoles

They still exist! The companies that rise to give back to skateboarding! Footprint is taking care of the health of the skate community. And they do it well! The idea of founding Jason Guadalajara’s unique brand was born from pain. After years of skateboarding, his knee collapsed from the one-sided impact it had to suffer. [...]


Streetwear for blockkids – adidas x DGK

DGK and adidas teamed up to bring you a sporty yet stylish collaboration! We have this beautiful effort in our shop from now on and are happy to introduce you to this project. DGK Skateboards holds it down for the streets! For the lifestyle of the “kids” that see the city from the cold concrete [...]