Converse Skateboard shoes and Sneakers

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Why do they call Converse All Stars Chuck Taylors? To answer this question, we have to travel back to 1908. During this period, Marquis M. Converse founded the traditional shoe manufacture in Malden/Massachusetts. First, only winter footwear was manufactured, but a couple of years later, in 1917 the Converse basketball shoe was born - the Converse All Star. After the American basketball star Chuck Taylor signed on the famous star logo in 1923 the Chucks got their significant name and also conquered athletes of other disciplines. So in the 70s and 80s Chucks were the most popular skate shoes. Since the 90s Converse developed novel models to adapt more and more to the needs of skaters. Nevertheless, the Chuck Taylor All Stars are the most successful Converse shoes and will probably remain for all time!